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Seanol Your Fountain Of Youth From The Sea

Seanol is a natural algal extract (that makes it vegan friendly) with a multitude of antioxidant properties, making it a highly sought after antioxidant supplement.

FibroBoost contains Seanol, a unique polyphenol complex from brown algae (Ecklonia cava). Seanol is produced using a patented extraction process that creates a complex of ten sea-based polyphenols. Widely studied for their health benefits, polyphenols are a diverse class of naturally occurring compounds found abundantly in the vegetable kingdom. Polyphenols from land growing plants are largely water soluble, breaking down rapidly in the body when consumed in food. In contrast, Seanol polyphenols are hydrophobic (repelled by water and therefore non-water-soluble); this allows them to remain in the body for up to twelve hours before being metabolized and excreted, greatly enhancing their beneficial health effects.

ps, these are veggie caps,

Ecklonia cava is a species of brown alga found in the ocean off Japan and Korea. It is used as an herbal remedy in the form of an extract called Seanol, a polyphenol.

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