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Krill Oil Helps Fight Diabetes

Can Essential Fatty Acids Found In Omega 3 Krill Oil Help Fight Diabetes?

You already know, because of all the research, that omega 3 essential fatty acids such as those found in Krill and Fish oil can help protect your heart and your cardiovascular system.

But it may also be able to help control blood sugar in people who suffer high sugar diabetes.

What Are The Effects Of Diabetes?

Diabetes, which is a “sugar” disease affects around 346 million people around the world.

Approximately 25 million people suffer from varying degrees of diabetes in North America.

And of those, over 33% do not even know they have it.

Here Are Some Facts
By 2030 This disease should be doubled.

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Diabetes means high blood sugar, it is due either to not enough insulin produced, or even could be your body cannot properly use the insulin that is released (from pancreas.)

Today we are talking type 2 diabetes which is usually onset by a bad lifestyle… too much sugar, white flour, simple carbs, bad fats … and on and on. Bottom line this means that you are not eating healthily, and probably not exercising either.

And, high blood sugar levels usually mean an increase in fat.

So How Can Fatty Acids Help? What Is The Role Of Omega 3 And Diabetes?

These essential (meaning you have to ingest them) fatty acids help you manage your cholesterol levels, they help improve your triglyceride levels by raising HDL cholesterol, and they actually have many more benefits.

And there are other ways that Omega 3 Fatty Acids (DHA and EPA) can help, but these go into pretty deep technical issues. If you are so inclined, take a look at and google omega 3, or fatty acids, or DHA, EPA. *nih is National Institute of Health

I recommend you look at this Krill oil!
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