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Omega 3 In The Role Of Diabetes Risk And Management

Eating more Omega 3 may well help prevent or manage type 2 diabetes

I think we are all aware that Diabetes is on the rise!  No secret here. Diabetes is a health disaster world wide. So let’s see if omega 3 will actually help in the prevention, and even in the managing of diabetes.

The most common diabetes is type 2 diabetes.  It is usually onset by lifestyle and in your adult years.

The exact causes of type 2 diabetes really are not totally understood.  But, the risk factors are known, and these include:

– genetic predisposition, do you have diabetes 2 running in the family?

– are you, or your family, in the percentage of people who eat unhealthy, don’t believe in exercise, getting fat, or worse, even obese. Drink way too much pop, eat too much sugar, white flour, fast foods. Prefer to do nothing, go for walks? Ha, no way, right?

Well, we do know that unhealthy lifestyle is connected with adult onset diabetes.

Can diabetes be cured?

Well, like our moms and grand moms used to say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  So, prevention is way easier than trying to cure it.

So, can supplement our diet help manage diabetes?  ( I have diabetes, and yes, I take omega 3 supplements).

Studies show that those who eat more fish are at a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.  And, the best way to get more fish is to supplement.

Omega 3’s quality is it’s fatty acids, DHA & EPA. These are essential, meaning your body cannot make these, they have to be eaten.

More and more scientific studies and research points towards the many benefits of Omega 3.

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